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Gradient Clouds

Soul Star Mastery

One on One Mentorship Experience.

Becoming the Golden Divine Channel of Light     


Do you long to answer the higher calling of the soul and BE a living Golden Embodiment of Light and Service?  This mentoring program was developed through an integration of the Higher/Inifinte Self, Akashic Records, Light Council guided wisdom,  to aid in opening and reconnecting you to the vibration of your divine conscious higher being.

Activate the Soul Star Chakra:

In this program you will develop a connection with your Soul Star Chakra and bring forward your Golden Consciousness from the Soul. The Soul Star Chakra is the golden white energy point above our heads that tap us into the energy of our Soul Level Consciousness, Spirit Guides, Akashic Records  and  allows us the ability channel this wisdom. You will  explore your own unique psychic abilities and express them . Connect to your own wisdom through your inner language of light, to channel wisdom and healing for others.  Learn to transmit the Akashic Light to create transformation and connect with your ability to manifest your path. Through this training program, you will learn how to enhance your life with your own powerful connection to the Divine and express your leadership through your inner spiritual authority.  


Align and Channel the Higher Self and Spirit.


Learn to align and channel from the Divine Level of Consciousness where we experience not only the Source of our Own Being, but lay the foundation for a healthy inner life and communication with the Souls around us through out all planes of existence.


Access Your Akashic Records.

Jeanne channels her Akashic Council and Spirit Guide in one on one mentoring to guide you through your own unique Individual and energetic connection. 

This program focuses on balanced grounded methods to accessing these parts of one’s self in a natural way.
Teaching students all over the world to move into powerful states of receptivity, expansion, and self actualization of psychic abilities.  

This program is the right fit for you if you are:

Ready to level up to a deep powerful trust and discernment with your guidance.
Release resistance and blockages.
Ready to Live from the Soul Consciousness.
Experience deeper connection to Self and Spirit and Guidance.
To living more fully and self actualized.
Open to one’s unique expression of spiritual abilities.

What we will be exploring:

Your Higher Consciousness/Higher Self and channeling directly from the Soul Wisdom. 
Connecting and channeling with your Spirit Guide.
Connecting with Souls on the Otherside.
Effectively accessing the Akashic Records.
Everyday techniques and disciplines to keep you aligned and connected.
Your unique Soul Language and psychic abilities including latent talents.
Removal of limiting beliefs and energetic blockages. 


Activate Your Potential.

You are here for a reason, a call from the Soul to explore the Sacred Light of Self.  We will learn to understand ourselves from Love, heal our past lives, work in our soul lineage, plant seeds for the future and unleash our natural gifts.  We are becoming more aware. More are reaching for higher wisdom, greater depths of their spiritual growth, clear relationship with their Soul and Source. They begin to understand their own individual soul language of light. When you Know Thyself, you become clearer in your life choices, in the power of spiritual energy running through you, and your purpose. 

Training Mentorship program consists of 6 one on one personalized sessions.

Each one on one training session via Zoom with be 60-90 minutes, training manuals and student journal to track progress are provided.


 Cost is $2500 for the full program.

Please fill out the form below to schedule a discovery call and get started on your journey and connect if this is the right step for you!

Gradient Skies


"Thank you for giving me this opportunity to connect with my spiritual team on a new level!! You and my team gave me insight and clarification to issues I have been wondering about for quite some time now. What you translated and told me was right on and totally made sense as to why things are going the way they are in my life and past lives. Thank you so much!” -Samantha

"I have a deeper connection to my Self, and my Spirit Guide that feels amazing. I discovered things in my Akashic Records that really helped understand my own limits in a way I just didn't put together until then.  I feel a true sense of wholeness that's indescribable and moving through some of my blockages have not only helped me but my clients benefited from them as well.  I am so excited to share vs holding myself back it is truly a blessing!" -Ava

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