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Memberships & Packages

Join one of our monthly plans. There’s something for everyone

  • Soul Healing Package

    Higher Self Healing Experience
    • 1 QHHT Session
    • 1 Akashic Medium Session
  • Best Value

    Crystal Soul Balance

    Energy & Crystal Healing
    • 4 Reiki 1/2 Hour Sessions
    • Personalized set of 7 Healing Crystals
  • Transformative Meditation with Source

    Online Weekly Meditation Practice for a Calm Body, Mental Clarity, and Energy Hygiene.
    Valid for one month
    • 4 Weekly Guided Meditative Attunements with Source.
    • Powerful Energetic Rebalancing, Aura Cleansing, Grounding.
    • Align to Your Natural Connection within.
    • Take part in a magical online community.
    • Every Thursday Evening starting at 7pm CST
  • Akashic Records Certification Mentorship

    8 Week Course: Learn to Read the Akashic Records for Yourself and Others
    • Learn Effective Tools for Reading the Akashic Records.
    • One on One Student Practice.
    • Sacred Nurturing Development of Soul and Self.
    • Transformational Steps to Positive Change.
    • Complimentary Akashic Records Session with Jeanne.
    • Transformative One on One Training.
  • Galactic Circle of Light

    Every month
    Online Guided and Channeled Exploration of your Spiritual Gifts with Jeanne
    • Connect with Your Spiritual Gifts.
    • Monthly Online Psychic Development/Channeled Message Circle.
    • Sacred Space of Nourishing Authentic Expression.
    • A Safe Space to Share Your Gifts and Receive Inner Wisdom.
    • Every First Wed Evening of the month starting 6:30pm CST
  • 2 Hour Higher Self Activation

    Perfect for One on One Students
    • Attunement Process for Deeper Higher Self Alignment.
    • Receive Your Sacred Soul Name.
    • Learn to Connect and Communicate with Your Higher Self.
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