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About Jeanne


Light of the Soul, Inc. and Solar Alaya was created by Jeanne Crescenzo to provide tools, mentorship, spiritual resources, and wellness to others moving forward on their personal spiritual and healing path of ascension. She guides people to shift blockages into healing, transform heartache into hope, clarity, and connect with the sacred language and communication with the Soul.  Knowing yourself and understanding yourself from a Soul and Akashic Perspective  are so powerful it has the power to transform your life.  Her mission became devotion to sharing this powerful support and loving resource knowing that if people had access to this level of understanding they could heal themselves.  To live from the Soul Level. To see yourself from the Divine.  To Express, Be, Love, and thrive in Purpose. 

Jeanne Crescenzo

Founder & Teacher

    My name is Jeanne Crescenzo, I am a Minister of Melchizedek, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Advanced Theta Healer, and Artist. I have been working professionally and with compassion for 20 years. I have been a guest on CBS radio and have participated on a variety of metaphysical radio programs. I am a member of Best American Psychics and the Certified Psychic Society that is recognized nationally and globally for testing their members for accuracy, ethics, and professionalism. My love of not only connecting to the Otherside, Higher Dimensions, but to the collective consciousness of the Galactic Council has helped countless I come in contact with. I can’t even begin to express the excitement and gratitude of this Earthly Assignment.


My journey began early in childhood and became impossible to ignore around puberty. I began to receive visions about the true nature of reality, the future, and our souls, visitations from loved ones, and angelic presences. We are far more than we appear and the Spirit World is full of love! My connection to my Teachers in Spirit guided me to pursue healing, art, and esoteric teachings. I began to receive feedback on how my words touched, healed, inspired or guided. With the gentle nudging of the Divine was opened further to take these messages to a broader audience and created Light of the Soul, Inc. to provide services, workshops, and wellness products to aid on the spiritual path.


I was mentored for large portion of my life through Spirit by a group of Wise Light Beings, Ascended Masters, and Archangels from the Stars to interpret the sacred geometric layers of energy in the aura, to connect with other high dimensional beings, galactic beings, and develop understanding of a persons soul vibration, akashic records of this earth and beyond, and layers of life purpose and channel this information for ones personal spiritual growth. They gave me the understanding that I would help activate others to their true vibration and their Soul.  That I would be their channel of higher wisdom and would come through my artwork, healing, guidance, workshops, and very often just by being present. Having a greater understanding of my own multi-dimensionality has helped me in my healing work with others.  This is an ongoing study even today and has helped me find peace, gratitude, and deep levels healing in my own life.

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