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THH: Timeline Healing Hypnosis

THH is a healing modality created by Daylee Rose after years of working with QHHT and BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) to connect with your past lives, heal with the Higher Self and address themes and blockages that coming up frequently during hypnosis sessions that prevent the client from having a healing experience. 


Key Areas Addressed

1.) Not Being Visual:

While the ability to visualize is not necessary in order to have a successful quantum healing session, it is related to the most important part of having a successful session–the belief that it will work.  Clients can have extremely successful sessions without ever seeing a single vision.  THH makes it easier for clients who have difficulty visualizing to access their higher self, and the opportunities for healing, insight, and understanding with this modality are the same as the other hypnosis modalities.  


2.) Creating the Keys to Your Own Source Consciousness :

The client is able to lead their sessions by providing their own keys to their Akashic Records, Past Life Memories, and Higher Self through their 5 senses.  Allowing the client to choose imagery, symbols, and wording that is personally meaningful for them creates a hypnosis experience that is exactly what their soul needs in order to access the Higher Self. The moment that a client chooses to move forward with a session, their Higher Self/Super Consciousness is already directing them to create the perfect induction script. They are able to empower and facilitate their own healing, co-creating a beautiful healing experience.


3.) Reaching the Theta Brainwave State:

Clients do not often enter the deep somnambulistic state that Dolores Cannon often spoke of in her work. I suspect that as humanity continues to awaken and the veil continues to lift, people do not need their conscious mind to completely step aside in order to access higher dimensional consciousness. The theta brainwave state is able to be reached without disconnect between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. As Consciousness Expands collectively, we are more easily able to access our divine connections. Many of us are already connected to this higher awareness energy in our every day lives; we just need a little guidance about how to recognize that energy while we are still consciously aware of the experience.

While we are still consciously aware this presents an opportunity for a very unique healing experience. Clients are in a deep enough trance to allow their higher self to step forward to bring important insight and information, and still consciously present enough to participate in their own healing. Conscious healing is powerful work! They can decide what they want to heal and are able to cooperate with the higher self to accomplish that healing. It also teaches them how to access this divine energy on their own, outside of our session together.


4.) Continued Healing Beyond the Session: Clients receive their personalized induction script to take with them after our session, and can use it to walk themselves through their own guided meditation for any problem or issue. Part of the session includes creating a personal healing space in the quantum field, where clients can go at any time to access their higher self and continue healing.

THH sessions serve two purposes: Healing and teaching. Clients will leave their THH session having addressed the specific issue that they wanted to heal, and they will also understand how to facilitate that healing on their own.

Sessions are 1-2 hours long and can be done remotely or in person.


Cost: $220 

Payment Plan available through AfterPay available here.

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