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Our Services

Explore the Services and Tools for Spiritual Wellness.  Click on the Icons to Learn More.

Akashic Medium Readings

Open Your Akashic Records and connect with your Spirit Team.   


Enter into the Quantum Realm for Healing with Hypnosis.

Theta Healing

Heal the Beliefs at the Root of Limitations and Blockages.


Enter into Soul Memory and the Higher Self Connection through Hypnosis.


Balance for Mind Body and Spirit.


Sacred Unions, Weddings, Circles.

What Our Clients Say

A beautiful, bright space nebula. Elements of this image were furnished by NASA. High qual

Joli K

“Her reading of the Records for my life was so accurate. Not only did I receive guidance towards my original question to help heal myself and my body, parts of my life came up in the reading that I had no idea was hurting me and affecting my health. Jeanne’s Akachic Records reading for me is so invaluable! It gave ME so much more I information I wouldn’t have otherwise to continue on my path to healing myself. Thank you again Jeanne.”
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